Ink The Luv

Tattoo is Art in this life and beyond. We see tattoos as a form of expression and a link between the customer and the Studio .Our customer brings us the idea and concept inspired by his life experiences and we tattoo you a unique piece of art through our skills and aesthetics. In LNR you will always find a sanitized and peaceful studio and top class artists with a fire of creativity and craftsmanship.

Tattoo Styles

Health Standards

In our Studio we take our work seriously and responsibly, Our space is always cleaned and sanitized, our tools from gloves to needles, are top quality and always sterilized and we own a medical sterilization autoclave. Everything happens in front of you and we are proud to be one of the most respected and up-to-date Studios in Greece.

Our Studios

LnR North

Zaimi 1, Melissia, 15127
210 60 96 163

LnR Center

Karaiskaski 14, Athens, 10554
211 4182 565

LnR Seaside

Farout Beach Club, Paralia Mylopota, Ios
22860 91581
(*summer season only)

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