Ηow to book your tattoo

Tattoo art combines psychological reasons and aesthetics

  1. First, decide why you want to have this tattoo, what do you want to express with it.
  2. Then take a look at our portfolio. Keep two tattoos that you really like aesthetically.
  3. Decide your body placement. You don’t have to be specific but let us know if you are considering your leg or arm or back for example.
  4. After that, our professional personnel can discuss with you, suggest creative and unique ideas and make a design specifically for you. The more you tell us about you, the more personal this tattoo gets! 
Call us in order to book your Artist Consultation or e-mail us to with the above requirements

How to book your piercing

Body Piercing art exists for thousands of years. It is an art to express yourself, modify your looks, therefore your psychology. In LNR we love the personal contact with you, so we can figure out which is the most suitable piercing and jewelry for you.

  1. Take a look into our portfolio and check our large jewelry collection online.
  2. Save some of your favorite piercings
  3. Call us for an appointment

 Keep in mind that our professional personnel will suggest ideas that suit your anatomy and body flow. We love to customize your piercings and we offer Ear curation sessions. That means that we propose to you a whole synthesis for your ears, with 2 or more piercings and then we show you lots of different variations of aesthetics and styles, thanks to our unique jewelry collection.

Call us in order to book your Piercing Appointment  or DM  to @luvnroll_jewelry with the above requirements

How to dine in

If you want to experience the LNR House accommodation experience, call us at 211 4182422/500 and reserve your seats for an amazing dinner or custom-made cocktails by the bar.

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Display your work in a bold & confident manner. Sometimes it’s easy for your creativity to stand out from the crowd.