Brew the LUV

A good day always starts with quality coffee.We assure you the quality of our water, machines and baristas in order to deliver to you a tasty cup of coffee every single day!

Coffee is a key element in the lifestyle and diet of modern man. At Luv n Roll hpuse, adhering to the classic Italian techniques of espresso and including the new European trends and currents in coffee and its beverages, we are ready to "extract" the love for coffee, in each of our cups, working with the respect and know-how coffee needs.

Michael Apartoglou

Mike Apartoglou, our Specialty Coffee expert. Over the past 10 years, he studied special blends and flavors turning coffee into art. Choosing the best mixes, finding the exact dose, and always aware of the yield and brew ratio, every cup is specially made with luv and balance.

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