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Our new project has a Restaurant - cafe - bar inside driven by passion and fresh quality products. Our mission is to deliver tasty, healthy and smart food.

Gastronomy is a compound word that derives from the ancient greek γαστήρ -τρός "stomach" and -νομία "-rule".[1] It is the study of the relationship between food and culture, the art of preparing and serving rich or delicate and appetizing food, the cooking styles of particular regions, and the science of good eating

Our mission is to extract natural ingredients from farm and serve it to your table. We use our own organic Olive oil from Taygetus mountain, Bio honey from Elafonisos and we make quality control in our vegetables, meat and fish compounds.

Alexandros Apostolou

Our Head Chef, Alexandros Apostolou. For the past 14 years cooking has been his passion and true luv! Over the years he worked with great and famous chefs all over Greece and abroad, collecting ideas, flavours and experience. He led kitchens in Athens and Mykonos with absolute success. His philosophy lies in simplicity and great taste. Simple raw ingredients turn into gourmet, fine dining dishes. Join us and have a taste of fresh Mediterranean flavours with a universal "twist". Instagram: @alexonfood | @luvnroll_food

Yiannis Kotsis

Our menu is tested by Giannis Kotsis Msc who helped us discover the trace elements of nutrition in every plate. We wanted to succeed in creating a healthy and tasty menu in order to give you the five pillars of boosting energy, losing weight, enhancing libido, improving cognition and your sleep. More about Giannis Kotsis here:

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